About Us

About Garden Grove Media

Garden Grove Media is a Florida seo and digital marketing company based in sunny Sarasota, FL. Our services include cutting edge and responsive website design, search engine optimization (seo), Pay per click (PPC) advertising like Adwords, Facebook advertising, Social Media management, Video marketing, and Reputation management.

We have over 5 years experience ranking websites and other web properties on search engines and bringing more traffic and sales to our our clients. Our desire, purpose and goal is to help local businesses grow by getting them more clients and more customers online, thus increasing their bottom line.

We achieve this by ranking our clients’ websites higher and faster on Google and other search engines, because that’s where the best traffic is, organic search engine traffic. The result of ranking higher on Google leads to more clients and more business. That’s the mission of Garden Grove Mediato partner with local businesses and help them to grow.

In addition, we only work with a certain number of clients. This is to make sure we can focus on our clients’ needs, by providing high quality customer service and paying maximum attention to your business. This is critical because seo is a highly specialized service and businesses invest a lot of money and effort to get a good return on investment.

We also don’t work with certain types of businesses, like adult themed, pornographic, gambling related businesses. So go ahead and get in touch with us, and ask for a consultation. We would love to help you grow your business by providing you with a customized plan through our expert inbound marketing services. 

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