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Search engine optimization, or seo, is extremely essential to succeed in any business. In fact, without search engine marketing, you can’t grow your business in today’s economy where more than 95% of all people will search online first before going to visit a local business. And more than 60% of these are doing so using their mobile devices.

Seo is one of the most effective and efficient marketing channels to generate more leads and customers online. This helps you to expand your business and also totally dominate your competition online and in the target market.

As such we are digital marketing and seo experts in Fort Myers, FL and our passion is to help local businesses succeed online, through effective internet marketing strategies and seo services.

Fort Myers SEO

Search engine optimization has come a long way, and today you have to have a well designed and optimized website in order to rank highly on Google, Yahoo and Bing search engines.

Our search engine optimization services can help your business greatly because Google is always looking to make sure that it serves up high quality and relevant search results to their search users. Therefore, when working with us, we will properly optimizing your website, and coupled with our other seo marketing services, your website will be found on Google page 1 search results.

Benefits of our Fort Myers SEO Services

There are many benefits of seo to your business, of which we will mention just a few:

Dominate your competition: Just like your competitors, you are also vying for your customer’s attention to attract their business. By appearing on top of Google page 1 search results, you get to have most of the customers visit your website. About 85% of all search traffic usually goes to the top 5 websites showing up on the first page of Google. An average of 35% – 50% of all Google page 1 traffic goes to the #1 website on the Google search results.

Cost effective: Compared to other forms of internet marketing such as PPC ads and AdWords, seo is cheaper and more cost effective because if you stop buying these types of ads, the traffic they bring also stops coming to your website. But when your website is ranking on Google page 1, the traffic just keeps coming to your site.

Brand exposure: By ranking on top of Google, your website gets to enjoy a lot of search traffic. This naturally has the effect of people becoming aware of your brand and business. That kind of brand exposure is immensely powerful because you begin to build trust and recognition. This also equates to more return or repeat traffic, because people generally tend to buy from those brands and businesses they know and trust. Because your website is now appearing on top of Google search results over a long period of time, people become more familiar with your brand, increasing brand recognition and trust. Therefore, buying more often from you than from your competitors.

Social Media Exposure: Naturally, by appearing on top of Google search results, your website will get shared a lot on social media websites like Facebook, Pinterest, Twitter, LinkedIn, and Google +. This obviously increases your brand exposure, awareness, and trust, for free, as people share your website with their family and friends.

Now these are just a few of the many benefits of our effective Fort Myers seo services. By hiring us, we can help you succeed online, and dominate your local market and competition. We want you to enjoy a positive return on your seo investment and internet marketing efforts working with us. That’s our aim and goal.

We are also present in other parts of Southwest Florida area in Cape Coral Florida area, Naples, and in Sarasota.

Call us today at: 941-209-1203 for a free consultation or fill out our form, and see what our Florida search optimization experts can do for your business.