Top Beaches Naples FL

Naples, Florida is located on the south west most corner of Florida. This great city is known for its great beaches, of which we are going to talk about a few here, about the best beaches in Naples, FL.

Now this is just a small list, and not a big list of all the beaches in Naples, just the best ones. It is by no means an objective, but a subjective list, that is our opinion.

1. Delnor-Wiggins Pass State Park

This beaches is well known as one of the best beaches in the United States. Now that is an achievement by itself. You will find that a you visit this beach, you will not find man made high rises, or developments most common with many beach towns. This popular park, boasts all natural sand, and does include a path that goes straight to an observation tower, right in the beach’s northern end. Picnic areas in the part have grills, perfect for a Sunday afternoon barbeque. It also have showers and restrooms.

Naples is not all about leisure. There are many local businesses in the area, and Naples has a sizable downtown area and city size. The fact that it is only like 2-3 hours away from Miami on the east coast makes it loved by many residents and even those who live in Miami, who want to get away from the hustle and bustle of a big city, the likes of Miami.

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