What You Don’t Know About SEO

Keeping up with constantly shifting and evolving systems like SEO in Sarasota FL can seem like a huge pain and even a waste of time for some companies, but it’s actually crucial to anyone wishing their business to remain relevant in this digital age. Companies who ignore these concepts risk finding themselves plagued by a constant stream of penalties and poor rankings. When a business relies heavily on search traffic (as many businesses are beginning to do), these negative effects can add up in no time, causing unbelievable damaging consequences. A company without an SEO strategy is heading down a dangerous and slippery slope. For quite some time now, the successful online brands have understood the need for SEO and the impact it can have on their respective businesses, but the longer time goes on, the more important SEO services are becoming.

The following seven tasks will help keep your company up to date and going strong, avoiding consequences associated with poor technical SEO.

1. Implementing Mobile Traffic Optimization

You’ve probably been hearing the same old story for years: Brands need to develop and implement a strong mobile strategy. With the vastly growing digital market, that admonition has become a warning. Last year Google made an announcement that a lack of mobile optimization isn’t just going to stagnate your business, it’s going to hinder it. Those companies with a good head on their shoulders are going to start investing in a strong, mobile-responsive website, but there are a few other areas to evaluate as well.

● Page Load Times

● Overlays And Popups

● Supported Content

2. Learn About Penalty & Negative SEO Monitoring & Recovery

Sounds like a mouthful, but nothing is going to ruin your day faster than finding out you’ve accrued a negative SEO or a Google penalty. These things are going to TANK your rankings, which is usually going to affect your bottom line. You’ll want to acknowledge the issue immediately, which is really only possible with regular monitoring. If your company isn’t doing that or doesn’t know how, take the time this year to learn, because you’ll be glad you did.

3. Move From Keyword Rankings To ROI Measurements

There’s a good chance that you want to be able to prove that your company is bringing in the big bucks. You probably want to be able to point to a nice chart and show your employees and investors alike that for every dollar invested into ranking your brand, you made ten times that.

Whether you’re reporting to a client or measuring your personal website’s  performance, this type of reporting far outweighs the benefit of knowing where you’re ranking in Google Search. By having the capability to track users over long periods of time, you’re going to learn:

● The search query visitors use to arrive at your site

● When a user completes a goal that leads to a sale

● How that user continues to behave, in order to calculate their total lifetime value

Multi-touch attribution probably sounds like a lot of hocus pocus to most businesses, as it’s an advanced technique you aren’t going to come by when tweaking features in your Google Analytics account. If you think you’ve got what it takes, you can build this tracking tool yourself. Or you can invest in tools like KISSMetrics to do the job for you.


That’s all for today! Go ahead and let this information sink in, maybe line up a few SEO companies that you might consider working with in order to boost your business. Or try implementing a few of these little tricks on your own! Whatever you do, make sure that you come back for Part II and learn what other SEO facts your company is going to need to know this year.

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