5 Ways To Keep Your Company Relevant This Year

Each year we have been seeing the continued rise of the empowered customer. From the
arrival of the privacy-conscious social networks to the rise of a collaborative economy,
customers are finding out that they not only have more choices, but an increased amount of
opportunities to be had than ever before. Garden Grove Media, a Sarasota digital marketing
company, is here to offer advice for companies on how to keep customers coming back this
year, and in the years to come.

Creating quality products coupled with exceptional services just isn’t going to cut it in the coming
year, as customers are becoming aware that their true value goes much further than their
wallets. Businesses are now going to need to start considering the true value of their customer
relationships and provide meaningful value in return.

Customers are continuously expecting more from companies, and this is leaving some of these
companies a little concerned for the future of their business. Garden Grove Media believes that
following these 5 single rules will keep the attention of a company’s customers, keeping their
business alive and well.

Keep It Human
Continuously take the feedback and insight of your customers. You aren’t your customer. And
most of the time that means you’re flying a little too close to the sun to make customer-level
decisions. Say your company makes coffee mugs. Imagine you’ve just come up with a new
design that you think is genius. What if you send a few samples to your customer base and ask
them for feedback on the product? Customers might respond saying they wish the mug was
smaller at the base to fit in their vehicle cupholders. Or the opening for the lid doesn’t seem to
seal as well as their current mug. Or maybe they just want it in different colors. That mug that
you thought was incredible might not work for your customers, but you’ll never know unless you
talk to them.


Customization is easier than ever. And it’s a good thing, because people want products that are
original and cater to individual wants and needs. There’s plenty of money in customization as
well. This trend has been growing in recent years and is expected to continue with over 30% of
people reporting interest in customized products, and companies like Converse, BMW, and Nike
already increasing customization options for their customers.

Don’t just expect purchases and feedback from your customers; if you value their business, let
them know. Try offering your top customers exclusive perks. And we aren’t just talking free
stickers and discounted t-shirts. The empowered customer of today wants status. Many
businesses encourage friendly competition to create a sense of ownership and keep customers
coming back for more. Offer decent prizes for the customer who buys the most per month, or drawings.

No matter the industry, the entertainment factor is critical in building a brand that can attract new
customers while retaining the old ones, and delivering a lasting experience. Take Red Bull for
example, which transformed from an energy drink company to a content powerhouse. The
biggest thing to take away from this example is that creating a solid customer relationship is the
first step to keeping customers coming back. Treating your customers as partners in your
business provides an increased level of insight that’s important for companies to increase
revenue, decrease churn, and stand out in their market.

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Social Media
As trends are constantly shifting, it’s no surprise that the way people communicate today is
remarkably different than it once was. Whereas Yahoo and AOL once replaced the phonebook,
Google has replaced both. Myspace (now long considered in the dustbin of digital history) is no
longer a top social networking site. While it may be nearly impossible to determine what might
be the next big thing, it isn’t hard to take note of what’s big right now. Establishing a presence
online is fairly easy. By setting up social media accounts for your business on sites like
Facebook and Twitter, you become more accessible to a new generation of potential customers.
If you link these platforms to your own website and update them at least once a week, they
could end up being an incredible stream for new leads.

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